This project aims to document surveillance cameras in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The primary purpose is to raise awareness and encourage critical thinking about the intersections between space (public and private), policing, development, privacy, and surveillance.

As should be obvious, this map is for informational purposes only and may contain errors.

Additional Forms of Surveillance

In addition to the surveillance cameras identified by this project, there are additional forms of surveillance in the downtown area:

  • License Plate Scanners – Four Grand Rapids Police Department (GRPD) cars are equipped with automated license plate recognition capabilities (source).
  • Surveillance on The Rapid – All buses operated by The Rapid have video recording capabilities. Additionally, stops for “The Silver Line” each feature multiple surveillance cameras (source).
  • Indoor Spaces – It should be assumed that indoor spaces throughout downtown have various systems of video surveillance.


Inspiration comes from the Surveillance Camera Players as well as the now defunct MediaMouse.org which published a 2004 map of surveillance cameras in Grand Rapids.

What’s Wrong with Video Surveillance?

There are many ways to answer the question, but a piece titled “You Are Under Surveillance” published on the website Crimethinc.com does a good job of laying out the basics. The ACLU also has an overview of video surveillance and maintains a blog on the topic.


If for some reason you need to get in touch, you can email us at gr camera map AT riseup DOT net (combine the italicized words and replace “AT” and “DOT” with “@” and “.”)